Choros & People

Even the finest, most expensive fabric is just a piece of cloth without the proper human touch. Fine craftsmanship is not just a part of a process, but it is incorporated in every work, as it becomes part of its identity. To be frank, we are quite fortunate to have some of the best skilled professionals to carry out such a daring task…



Why together

From history to future

Yesterday, today, tomorrow… a history in finesse
Consistency is a rare value. After all, it is so easy to rest on your laurels -eventhough their feel might not be that comfortable. Generation after generation, we ‘re not just maintain, but we constantly improve and upgrade our business, our modus operandi, the overall experience we offer to our clients.


Finesse is the best adaptation of means to circumstances.

Flaming enthusiasm, backed up by persistence, is the quality that most frequently makes for success.

No one should trade authenticity for approval.

There is no science in creativity.

If you don't give yourself room to experiment, you won't innovate.

Our Process

Let’s talk.

Or even better, let’s hear from you first. Tell us about your aesthetics, your vision, your projection. After all, it is your space we’re about to transform, right?

Time to plan.

To take under serious consideration all the parameters related to what we ‘re about to propose to you -whether it’s aesthetics, functionality, practicality, or your budget.

So, what do you think?

As we come up with a complete and thorough proposal, your feedback at this point is crucial. We ‘re only a step away from turning blueprints into ambiance…

Implementation time

As our people take over, the entire process -from ordering the selected fabrics to delivering the final product- is a maelstrom of creativity and fine craftsmanship…

Delivery & Guarantee

We really believe that the whole process is a unique experience. For this reason we are very precise on the packaging and delivery of everything to order and we guarantee we deliver it exactly as in your imagination

Better Together

You’re looking for the finest fabrics and craftsmanship.
We are looking for partnerships. Not just mere clients.
By sharing with us your vision about your business, you’re making us part of an essential and organic relationship that goes way beyond materials and their applications. And this is something we deeply and honestly appreciate. That’s why we consider it much more than a company policy. It’s one of our core brand values.

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Everything has a starting point. Everything begins with a single stroke, cut, or stitch. This is our business’ heart and foundation…


A showcase of excellence. A vitrine of skilled bespokeness. We are more than proud to present to you our definition of unparalleled quality…