Karalasos Operaday Architects

architect engineer – interior designer

Karalasos Operaday Architects holds an experience, accumulated through over 25 years of work upon entertainment, hospitality, retail and residential projects.



Located on the seafront, next to the port, the exterior facade’s layer, corresponds directly to the warehouse brick walls articulation, when natural light’s penetration was partially needed. Since the removable panels opened, at club’s opening, on sunset hour, the double glazed interior layer reflects the open ablaze horizon. The interior knowingly yet nobly refers to 80’s decade, through the appropriate materials, tones and lighting.


Gatsby Live Theatre

A shell’s theatrical approach counterpoised by the austere layout with intelligible circulation, accurate people’s settlement and delight, and unobstructed views, from all points and levels towards the stage. The primarily orthonormal arrangement of levels gradually shifts and gives place to more fluid, rigid though, forms of bars and fixed stands, decomposed and recomposed in an entity, enhanced by the bespoke overhanged lighting features. An intentional touch to that exact nostalgic nerve, that guides back to the somehow exuberant and lustful ambiance of the early 00’s thematic hyper-clubs, reinvented and landed to present.


Les Zazous

“8 years after my personal overall lush approach, I revisited once again this “fatal” space, claiming to repair the midtime rough interventions and reprovide its lost compelling and stark quality. Dealing a low budget, new functional demands have been responded as well.”


Wassily Karalasos