Ergon House

Ergon House sits on Mitropoleos street, in the heart of Athens, on the ground floor of a 4-storey building, that has a listed two storey façade and four storeys of newbuilt addition in the 90’s. In total, the Ergon house is a one-stop shop where gastronomy and hospitality meet. Restaurant and deli store facilities are taking place on the ground floor, that expands partially in the atrium that is formed between old and new facade and partially on the rest of the double height core floor.


Designer:Urban Soul Project

District: Athens, Greece

Year: 2019


The atrium’ s floor is the interior courtyard that houses the fresh groceries, the café, the open oven and the olive tree in the middle, around which all are arrayed. The avli is paved with concrete blocks, whereas on one the side we find a vertical garden, and on the other a street graffiti by INO. Entering the second part, the double height creates a magnificent feeling of warmth, with the central unit of the bar, the grocer’s, the fishmonger and the butchery right in the middle. Around that, multiple seating areas are found, with marble, wood and fabrics giving the traditional colors of a Greek village piazza. The concept of the contemporary Greek city and its materiality during the last few decades become alive by using walnut timber, black terrazzo and marble from Kozani.

The materiality of the Greek city is present in the finishes, as walnut, terrazzo, concrete blocks and floors are found within the interior of the store.

This hotel’s biggest challenge was to combine traditional Greek architecture along with needs of the modern gastronomy-oriented traveller.

The entrance of the hotel is revealed after one has crossed the atrium. The rooms have an interior facade looking at the atrium and a back looking at the Acropolis.

Photo Credits: Ioanna Roufopoulou