Pine Suites – Ekies Resort

Agarch+ architects were commissioned to design the addition of 10 new eco-luxury suites at Ekies All Senses Resort in Vourvourou, Chalkidiki.


District: Chalkidiki, Greece

Year: 2015


The construction began in January 2015 and the whole complex was completely renovated in July 2016. The main purpose of the study was to redesign an existing wing with storage rooms and transform them into a new group of suites for the hotel. Our goal was to create functional spaces for long-term accommodation and all-day hosting during summer time. The initial idea was based on creating a branch of suites that integrates with the landscape, adhering to the eco-barefoot philosophy of the hotel that lies between Mount Itamos and the beach of Vourvourou. The design was orientated towards a sustainable concept incorporating the surrounding woodland to provide a holistic approach for the guests.



Custom-made furniture and fittings were designed for each suite according to functional needs, following, though, the standardized form that could adjust to each room with a focus on sustainable production. Lighting design aimed at accenting textures’ matiere. Linear led fixtures create indirect lighting underlying the borders in the interior part of the suite while glass and raw lights add to the atmosphere.

Overall, floor patterns, lighting atmosphere, forest views and planting interact with the natural surroundings providing an all senses experience to the visitors while at the same time enhancing the hotel branding.


Design Team // George Anagnostellis, Angeliki Pappa, Angelos Komninos, Charis Siaravas, Foteini Emmanouilidou
Landscape Design // Fytron O.E. (Michalis Petsaggourakis)
Interior Design // agarch+ architects, Alexandra Efstathiadou
Interior Reception-Lobby Design // agarch+ architects, Alexandra Efstathiadou, Rania Stamataki
Interior Lighting Design // agarch+ architects
Exterior Lighting Design// LA STUDIO, Aris Klozinakis
Structural Design // PTB engineers, KMP engineering
Mechanical Design // KMP engineering
Construction Team // KMP engineering
Photography // Anima Vision