The modernist

The Modernist, the new boutique accommodation option in Thessaloniki is located in a recently renovated building, an architectural sample of the city’s reconstruction period following the fire in 1917, a step from Aristotle Square.

Designer:Form Related

District: Thessaloniki

Year: 2018


The building was restored in a minimalist yet sensual style that pays attention to detail and moves between art deco, mid-century detailing and Danish design.

It consists of 40 luxury rooms of different sizes, each with its own character and designed to fit individual needs, creating a feeling of pure comfort and relaxation.

The simplicity of the design and the purity of forms and volumes preserve and reveal the traditional elements of the building. The slick, tainted-glass surfaces reflect the wall finishes and preserved cornices, bolstering at the same time the juxtaposition between the different textures, the contemporary and the traditional. In essence, the architectural design pays respect to the building’s tradition, as the old is reflected, filtered and colored through the new. These constant reflections are that make up all the details, avoiding the visual clutters and unifying indoor and outdoor.

Bronze, marble and wooden floors bring together new and old, rounding off the room design and aesthetics.




The Modernist

32 Ermou Str, 54623, Thessaloniki

+30 2316 009990

[email protected]


Project identity

Project: The Modernist

Location: Thessaloniki

Design & Construction: 2017-2018

Architectural Design: FORMrelated Studio

Design Team: Theodoridis Konstantinos, Papaevangelou Eleni

Collaborators: Evi Korompeli, Maria Koinidou

Structural Design: Rita Tzeliou

Building Services: Giorgos Hatziangelou

Construction: Ioanna Lepenioti

Graphic Design: Post Spectacular Office

Photography: © Nikos Vavdinoudis – Christos Dimitriou /